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Hifisupply is dealer for: ADL (Alpha Design Labs), Amphony, Audio Selection, Audioquest, Bals, BCD Engineering (Audio Analogue), Black Ravioli, Canare, Clearlight Audio, Deskadel, Dodocus, Duende Criatura, Essential Audio Tools, Fisch Audiotechnik, Furutech, Goldkabel, Grado, Groneberg, Guru Pro Audio, Harmonic Technology, HiDiamond, HiFiMAN, Hifisupply, HiFi-TUNiNG, Holographic Audio, HS Cables, Inakustik, Kemp Elektronics, Kimber Kable, Lapp, Mapleshade, Marinco, Masterbase, Music Tools, Neutrik, Oyaide, Quadraspire, Sieveking Sound, Sleek Audio, Solid Tech, Soundcare SuperSpikes, Squeeze Booster, Symposium Acoustics, The Chord Company, Valhalla Technology, ViaBlue, Vibex, Vibrapod, Wattgate, WBT and Woo Audio

We also sell the following brands: Belden, Hirschmann, Kalthoff, Knipex, Schurter and Siemens.